It is with extreme sadness that TICT Creative has been forced to postpone DAFF Fall 2014 indefinitely due to reasons beyond their control.

This news was confirmed today, with the organisers informed that the rights to the West Bund site for DAFF 2014 were revoked and the venue would no longer be available due to recent developments in security restrictions. Every possible measure was taken to preserve the long-standing approved plan of the event, but the team have had to make this difficult decision in an effort to reduce any further costs incurred by participants.

The heart, soul, and mission of DAFF and TICT Creative has always been to gather people of all backgrounds, support culture, and to inspire. They appreciate each individual who has joined the DAFF community, those with whom they've had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with along the way and those that have attended one of the six events hosted since 2011. And look forward to continuing to create a positive contribution to the city's landscape, to celebrate culture and innovation in China for years to come.

They would like to thank all of their sponsors, exhibitors, partners, media, artists, musicians, volunteers, and everyone else who has helped this event reach the level that is has, for their unwavering support.