Having recetly hosted the L.I.E.S crew at his Stockholm Syndrome night, Tzu Sing has obviously made a good impression as his first release on the label is imminent. In preparation he's put together this fine mix:

"Our man Tzusing comes from the depths of the East and through the years has brought the likes of Beau Wanzer, Samo DJ, Shawn O'Sullivan and many others to the Shelter Club in Shanghai, for special engagements.

While we do have a working knowledge of the path he has taken to create his music, for the time being we'll leave it in the dark and simply leave you with this anything goes mix which may or may not have Snoop and Dre on it as well as a healthy dose of EBM, wave, and other varied genres.

Tzusing's debut 12 inch comes out on L.I.E.S. very soon and treads the line of the EBM/Industrial sound. Samples of this amazing record are below and rumours of a trip to the EU this spring are floating about."