Fresh from his debut at the Burning Man Festival, UK DJ Jigsaw returns to play Minimalist at DADA this weekend. We caught up for a few minutes just as he was out the door...

This is your 3rd time playing in China right? How do u like it, how do you find the club culture and nights out? Any notable goings on that stuck in your mind about China?

That's right. Both times have been belting, so I'm grateful to return. It's always a challenge playing in foreign places; you've got to quickly gauge the crowd and decide where to take them. Luckily, however, the people here are pretty open-minded, which gives you the chance to try out something special. Last time I came out here we carried on until 7am.. just in time for breakfast!

Can you tell us a bit about your 4 consecutive appearences at one of the world's most renowned festival Burning Man - how did that come about and how were your experiences during the festival?

It all happened because of a gig in my hometown 5 years ago. Someone in the club enjoyed the music and put me in contact with a friend of hers who ran a stage at the fesitval. Burning man is tough to describe. Everyone is always asking, so I tell them it's kind of like a playground for adults, a place where you feel like you're tripping but you haven't taken anything. Think motorised sofas, dust storms, giant ball pits, flaming octopuses, naked bike rides, snowball fights...I could go on. Hands down the party/experience I've had to date.

What else is on the cards for the months ahead?

When I get back to London I'm jumping straight on a tour bus to do some red bull shows. Then I've got a few gigs in New York over New Year's.

You’ve played with Will A for his night Rhythm Works previously and at MINIMALIST this time round, have you ever run your own series of nights and are they anything similar to what the MINIMALIST/Rhythm Works
guys are doing?

Yes, I used to do nights when I studied up in Edinburgh. It was a different kind of vibe to Will's gigs. We booked people like Mylo, Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery, Parov Stelar, Annie Mac and a load of the drum & bass lot. I moved away to the countryside a couple of years ago to concentrate on producing so it all came to an end.

Musically speaking, have you set yourself any goals for the next few years such as places to play etc.?

I'd love to do Panorama bar in Berlin, Output in New York, DC10 in Ibiza...but a sunrise set on the Robot Heart at Burning Man is the dream. On the production side, I'm going to take it easy with gigs next year and lock myself away in the studio. I've got a few established producer pals who I could collaborate with, but really I want to find my own sound and start getting some eps out there.

Finally it's the end of the season in Ibiza and around Europe, any highlights?

Gottwood festival in Wales is always one of the highlights of the summer. It's got all the ingredients of a great festival, beautiful setting, amazing people, and a carefully programmed lineup. Berlin was also good and I've just come from the Zoo Project festival in the UK where everyone was dressed as animals and covered in paint. Sadly I'd left the chicken suit at home.