Coming up in Atlanta, Hamacide's production skills garnered much respect from all over the world, leadinging notably to an early collab with Tru Thought's Prefude 73. Moving to Shanghai in 2010 he fitted right in, going on to form SLV with fellow newcomer Downstate.

Caliph 8 is wellknown to those who keep abreast of the beat scenes around Asia, as he's to me found all over the shop performing wonders on the MPC with his hybrid DJ/live shows.

Here, the two doth meet:

Hamacide says:

"I've been going through my old sessions files recently. In the coming days/weeks, I'll be posting up unreleased tracks from when I lived in Shanghai (2010-2013). Some instrumentals, some with vocals, some collabos. Stay tuned.

I did this track with Manila's Caliph8. We met in Shanghai when I opened for his Antidote show at The Shelter. Over the years, he's done remixes for my song "You Me" with ChaCha and for my Oilworks remix album."