Yo Hos, Yellow goes, DJ Ben Huang's legendary long-running party series continues after a full support to FOOTPRINT with a very special night, that means one of Shanghai's original underground dance party is coming back to the home of electronic music lovers – Shelter.

This special night will be held up by some underground masters and sick talents. Drunk Monk, Sub- culture’s captain will open the night while Yellow’s papa Ben Huang will close it, between them, two groups of excellent fresh acts will drop different sets, the first half will be kicking house vibes, joined by Shanghai local Max Shen( S.T.D/ Molly House) along with Michigan’s boyz Raz (Slowmance/Yobanfa/JackPot) and Heatwolves( Love Bang). Mia, one of Shanghai’s night life staples will take care of the second half which is more techno with our German homie who used to DJ as Fabian/o when he stayed in Shanghai last year. He played in Tresor (Berlin) and Forum (Bielefeld) back in Germany, but now he’s back in the Hai as Below Surface, and his good pal Florian Bo who’s from the same town will join him to welcome his return.

So basically, 8 DJs will throw some solid music, killer sounds, deeper stuff, and all good shits. Yellow neons will be around with visuals from Red Scale making the dance floor look dope. It’s also a birthday and welcome bash, so come earlier and get some birthday cake from the Yellower who’s behind the scene. There’s no guest list this time, even for yellow people, if you’re our friends, please buy the tickets (only 40 kuai at door) to show your love and support, or we will put you on the blacklist, but if you really don’t wanna pay, that’s fine, it’s free if you come dressed in yellow, or holding something yellow. So you know now it’s time, since Yellow has been tearing it up around 5 years! Don’t miss another night of blistering beats, see y’all at the basement!

Doors 40 RMB 门票 40元

Free Entry if you come dressed in yellow, or holding something yellow.


House Vibes
Max Shen (S.T.D/ Molly House)
Michigan Boyz - Raz (Slowmance/ Yobanfa/ JackPot) & Heatwolves ( LOVE BANG)
https://soundcloud.com/heatwolves https://soundcloud.com/richarddribbles

Techno Mood
German Brothers - Below Surface (Fabian/o) & Florian Bo (Official Fanpage)
https://soundcloud.com/belowsurface https://www.facebook.com/belowsurfaceofficial
https://www.mixcloud.com/Florian_Bo/ https://www.facebook.com/florian.bo.musik

Ben Huang ( Yellow)
Drunk Monk ( Sub- culture)
https://soundcloud.com/svbkvlt http://subcultureshanghai.com/
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ben-Huang/46057394992 https://www.facebook.com/yellowbenhuang
VJ Scarlett ( Redscale Studios )