The Machinery of Other Skeletons lay down some hardcore in a true hardcore style, but these guys are also players with skills to write home about.

Formed by Brian Murdock with Death to Giant's drummer Ivan Belcic, Spill Your Guts guitarist and Inferno bar owner Martin Aamodt, bassist Hans von Meister and drummer Sam Gregory, who Murdock met through an introduction by Shanghai Tattoo, metal band The Machinery of Other Skeletons take their name from a line in Allen Ginsburg’s epic beat poem ‘Howl’.

Despite taking inspiration from the likes of metal demi-gods, Lamb of God, they're keen to emphasise that their music is more diverse than typical genre labels will allow. While they've always been understandably unwilling to be pigeonholed into one of metal’s seemingly endless sub-genres, what was clear from the practice recordings that the quintet had posted to their Bandcamp site up to now is that their claim to be playing ‘unfiltered metal’ was fully justified.

Their live shows are a short, sharp shock of pure energy, but the abilty of these gents certainly shines through.

Here is their first full release - sit back, strap in and get involved!