Describing themselves as "The sexiest, hairiest and loudest band in China", Round Eye, who's music can be sumed-up as the freakish malformed spawn of doo-wop, punk and free-jazz, move forward with their mission to help their audience ascend into a nirvana of noise, weirdness and sax-powered mayhem with a brand new record.

Well-reknowned for their psychotic live act that may or may not feature nudity/body paint/destruction/degeneracy, this band is not for the faint of heart. And having gone some way to filling the void in Shanghai's somewhat limp (of late) live music scene over the past year, the lads have gone into the studio to lay down their first full LP, and first release featuring their current line-up.

All we know so far is that it features Steve Mackay and will be released in the autumn, no doubt with some fanfare down at Yuyintang. Get a juicy taste of what's to come with these two tracks, and look out for the video for the track 'Suntan', featuring Xue Yi this summer.