This Saturday the V/O/I/D kru bring Alien Rain AKA Milton Bradley to the Shelter for yet another beat down...

Born and raised in Berlin, Milton Bradley has been influenced by this versatile and ever changing city. The late 80's brought acid house into his world and along with early Belgian techno, kick started his love affair with all things electronic. This soon developed into a record collection and by 1991 he had turned from customer to DJ.

Milton’s DJ sets vary from dark experimental techno to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures, fully encompassing the last 20 years of musical history. Here's more:

Hi Milton, how's life? What've you been up to recently?

Life is always filled with up an downs ;-)

I've recently started playing the Alien Rain live shows and I travel less as a DJ. I am also working on different stuff like upcoming releases and remixes.

What were your early influences in terms of getting into techno - you're a Berliner born and bred I understand?

Yes, I was born and raised in Berlin. I got in touch with this kind of music in around 1989 via a magazine article about acidhouse and a mixtape.

In 1991 I started buying records and Djing. My first influences where the Belgian techno stuff on labels like R&S, Music Man and so on.

What was happening in Berlin at that time? Which clubs and DJs held sway? This was before Berlin became such a Mecca for the electronic music scene that guys from Detroit started moving there, right?

Berlin was really interesting to me that time because the Wall broke down and there were a lot of new "spaces" to discover. Also some kind of anarchy was happening at that time because the Eastern and Western police didn't know what to do. It was the perfect situation for a subculture to develop. New clubs popped up nearly every month, a lot of secret and illegal locations and parties...

I remember clubs like Tresor, Walfish and Planet. It was the Tresor club that forced the connection between Berlin and Detroit I guess. They booked mostly all the Detroit guys in the early days in Berlin.

What led you to start your first label, 'Do Not Resist the Beat'?

In 2007 under some personal circumstances it was the time to express myself with some music and I wanted to make my own label to release the stuff. If you have your own label, you can do what you want, in the way you want and whenever you want.

What were your direct influences at the time when you first started producing? And how have they developed since then?

I am not really sure if these are my direct influences but that time I was listening to all the new Marcel Dettman and Sleeparchive stuff a lot.

Tell us about the Alien Rain project, how the records have gone down, and the residency at Grounded Theory.

I had the idea of Alien Rain in around 2010. I was missing this kind of trippy acid and I started making all these tracks. The first release was a bit delayed because I wasn't sure if the people would like it but in the end it got really successful (surprisingly).

The GT residence came up after I met Henning Baer in 2009. He had already started this event series and was looking for a resident...

Can you pick out a handful of names we should be looking out for that are emerging talents on your radar right now?

Hard to pick some, there are so many releases and artists out at the moment. Most of them have 1 release I really like, some of them are unknown. It would be easier to mention some releases that really attract my attention…

Some artists:

Polar Inertia comes in to my mind.

Some recent releases:

Korova - Horizontally
Francois X - Suspend In A Stasis Field
Shemale - Hell transformation Screens

I am sure there are a lot more ...

Alien Rain plays VOID at The Shelter this Saturday.