The World Underground - EP1 : CHINA (Official Trailer) from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

The World Underground is a new series, thoroughly capturing moments in time in underground scenes around the world. The point is to release the films online, and archive everything captured, for donation. Connect the global community, and keep going, all over the globe.

Episode 1 finds us in mainland China, stepping outside of the often-covered Beijing, and trekking through Hunan and Sichuan with the seminal P.K.14. Their first tour, and record, in years. Along the way, we stop at length in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, and Wuhan. The film focused on small, unknown bands in many provinces like Hi Person, The Maples, Diders, and Stolen. We're also introduced to all the local favorites like Hedgehog, SUBS, Carsick Cars, A.V. Okubo, Skip Skip Ben Ben, and over two dozen more.

The makers hope to grow this series organically. Funded by communities, released for communities, an archive free to all. Eventually they hope to source sound and video crew from these scenes directly. Further connectivity through community involvement. Booking shows, filming practice space sessions along the way. Freezing moments in time when things are changing so rapidly.

Set for imminent release in Summer 2014, watch this space...

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