"A Bunch of White Dudes in Shanghai Playing Rock Music, Although There is One Asian Guy, But He's Probably ABC or CBC". Sounds... Intriguing, huh?

We asked Josh G of Stegosaurus? to fill in the blanks...

So MAO has these semi-regular gigs where it's only laowai bands on a given night. This is the third one and boy does it look like a whites only party! Kidding. There's at least one ABC or CBC in one of the bands. This is no KKK meeting though. Each band will perform their own blend of rock, rock and more rock. Each band is not identical though. Some bands' average height is a lot taller than another's average height. Some bands consist of more members than others. Some might use different effect pedals than another. Yes, even though we all look the same, we are different. We are individuals. We are human.

So, come on down to MAO on Saturday at 8pm to see a bunch of white monkeys dancing around and banging on stuff, just for you. Should be entertaining at the least. Here's a rundown of the schedule:

20:00-20:30 Stegosaurus? (Jurassic puke rock)

20:45-21:15 Parts&Labour (rhythm heavy rock and/or roll)

21:30-22:00 Friend or Foe (heavy, funky and entertaining dudes)

22:15-22:45 Spondees (also funky, slick rock)

23:00-23:30 Limousine (fun, punchy rock)

Stegosaurus? - http://stegosaurus.bandcamp.com

Parts&Labour - http://site.douban.com/partsandlabour/

Friend or Foe - http://site.douban.com/friendorfoe/

The Spondees - http://site.douban.com/spondees/

Limousine - http://www.reverbnation.com/limousineband