Tim 'E' Hendry as Elvis

In future times, archaeologists will look at the Western culture of the late 20th century, and their research will most likely focus on one man. The man in question? A king, who inspired such love in his subjects that his image was revered in homes around America long after his death, whose music was played incessantly, and whose presence in the world was maintained by a coterie of devoted followers who mimicked his every move in order to assuage the pain of his passing. Elvis Presley, the first King of America, who ruled justly with his loyal advisor Colonel Tom Parker at his side, a pack of Hound Dogs seated at his feet.

Or something like that.

This month, the Pearl will be hosting an E.T.A., or Elvis Tribute Artist, for the first time ever in China (OK, the first non-undead). And not just any old Elvis - Canadian Tim 'E' Hendry, who has been crowned as a World Champion Elvis on numerous occasions. He'll perform three sets of Elvis acts from each decade of the King's career. I'm going to be rooting for mid-70's Vegas Elvis. I think he's my favorite. Dude was clearly having some substance issues but dangit they look like the best shows in the world. He just spent about twenty minutes going round the audience and just making out with everyone. It was insane. Hope Tim works that into his act. They'll be serving Elvis' favorite snack, the Fool's Gold Loaf.

Brought to you by Tou Jam, he'll be supported by a cornucopia of Shanghai stalwarts, namely: Mario Trane (Mario Trane trio, Alec Haavik), Rabshaka (Friend or Foe), Chachy (Round Eye, Iron Virgins), Shin (The Psyders), Mike “The Crimson Comedian” Corayer (Girls Like Mystery) and Chen Xi.

If you can't wait that long for some Elvis in your life, check out the Tickle Me Tender show at 390 on the May 21st. The Shanghai Tickler's funny dudes Mike Corayer (see above) and Colin Hanna will be riffing along to classic Elvis movies. These gems (the movies) are well worth seeing in their own right, a taste of the red hot pure crazy that was Elvis back in the day.

The show will be set at The Pearl (471 Zhapu Lu, by Wujin Lu), a 5 minute walk from N. Sichuan Sunway Station, line 10. It is set to run May 29, 30, and 31, with doors at 6:30 pm and the show to start at 9. Tickets are 200 RMB pre-sale, 280 RMB at the door, and 500 RMB VIP. Presale tickets are available by emailing: qcee99@gmail.com.