What does black metal bring to mind? Corpse paint? Burning churches? Dubious leather garments? Deafheaven are causing all sorts of problems for metal fans and music press worldwide, and for good reason too. In a hilarious interview with Noisey, front man George Clarke suggested that the band were “the Hugh Grant in Notting Hill of metal."
“He's emotional, he's very romantic, he's sensitive, and he is very human, yet in real life, he is a sketchy player with shady hoes.”
This summer, Deafheaven embarks on a worldwide tour that will jar the foundations of some of our favourite live houses. Split Works started off back in the day driving the indie-rock scene. Call this tour a cheeky misdemeanour; we think metal fans in Beijing and Shanghai are going to appreciate it. And anyone that’s feeling fed up with indie rock bands that can’t get anything done without electro-whizz pops and wiring diagrams might dig it too.

Noisey calls their latest release Sunbather (scroll down for a taster), “an album for metalheads, rap fans, your dad, and anyone who isn't a total asshole.” Guitar Planet pegs the sound as ‘blurring the lines between post-metal, shoegaze and black metal’. We don’t really give a flying flip. It gets the adrenaline going, and that’s it.

Nick Steinhardt of LA band Touché Amoré put a lot of work into the deceptively simple Sunbather cover artwork. The colours represent the colour seen on the inside of your eyelids when lying in the sun. Talking about the title of the album, vocalist George Clarke says:
“...that’s the feeling it gives me. It is the sadness and the frustration and the anger that comes with striving for perfection. Dreaming of warmth and love despite the pain of idealism.”

We’ve said enough, get involved on Facebook, or check the Split website for more deets.