I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I wish my Chinese was better. In fact, all the time I wish my Chinese was better. But there never seems to be enough time. Especially here in Shanghai when Mandarin isn't necessary to avoid starvation, and one can go about their day nodding like an imbicile whilst all the time being blissfully unaware of what the locals are saying. And its so difficult as well. The indecipherable tones, the immense canon of Chinese characters. It's no wonder that there are so few foreigners who have truly mastered the language.

Mark Rowswell (aka. Dashan) is one of them. Making his television debut back in 1988, Rowswell has since appeared on CCTVs New Year's Gala (China's most watched show of the year, with around a billion people tuning in) no less than four times. His mastery of Cross Talk (xiangsheng)a popular type of comic dialogue, has led to him becoming a genuine celebrity here in China, arguably the only foreigner to ever hold this distinction.

Kung Fu Komedy's very own Andy Curtain went for a drink with the man himself to find out how it feels to have more Weibo followers than Barack Obama, Beyonce, and Snoop Dogg combined.