Qi Dance Open Jam (Dance + Music) is a special event brought by the Qi Dance Project which focuses on the energy of a group of dancers and musicians improvising together. Through a series of dance situations and different musical settings we will enjoy creativity through our dance and/or our musical expression.

We will enjoy different dimensions of dance: such as the spiritual introspection of dancing with oneself, the fun and communication by duos and trios, and the whole group's trance.

In music, we will explore the available instrumental combinations (e.g., flute, Tibetan bowls, percussion, voice, etc.) and will practice the "listening" of the dancers movement to nourish the flow of sound in improvisation.

This Friday March 28th 19:00 to 21:00
CSL - Tianzifang
Taikang Road, Lane 210, Bldg 3, Room 311
Metro L9 (DaPuQiao) 5 minutes walk
Price: 100 RMB
Student price: 50 RMB
Musicians bringing instruments: Free
Contact: qidance.project@gmail.com
Website: www.qidance.org

About the Qi Dance Project:
Developed both in France and China since 2010, the Qi Dance Project is based on trans-disciplinary research between Eastern and Western cultures, arts and sciences. Its spirit is a blend of the creativity in dance and the mind-body awareness of Qi Gong. It emphasizes the connection between movement, sound and emotion as a tool for self-discovery, growth and group interaction; looking therefore for an impact on intercultural communication and social wellness challenges.

The Qi Dance Project manifests through three main kinds of activities: regular training and special workshops, such as this Open Jam; research on mind-body cultures and dance training methodologies; and also artistic performances and events.