I started the photography blog ‘Shanghai BoBo’ when I relocated here in January this year from Hong Kong. The blog works like a visual diary, with each image accompanied by a brief description. It’s populated weekly with images captured around the streets of Shanghai.

For the purpose of Shanghai BoBo, I use a lightweight Canon G1X to test ideas and locations, and to simply record my surrounds. Given the compact size of the camera, I find people are less perturbed by its presence, which ultimately helps create stronger more natural images. I try to take this camera with me as much as possible, even if it’s just a trip to the local shop. There really is a photo opportunity on every street in Shanghai so you have to be prepared!

Shooting in Shanghai is exhilarating. Simple street scenes, encounters and interactions are enthralling to the visually curious. On any street you will find the old world and the new, as the younger generation jostles side by side with the older. There is enormous color and vigor to be found in Shanghai, which I try to reflect with my photographs.

The blog allows me to give my visual perspective on Shanghai to local and international audiences. Though there is no defined theme to Shanghai BoBo, over time perhaps a cohesiveness will emerge and the images will lend themselves to a photo book or essay.