After a good few months of showcasing the talents of mainly European and homegrown Shanghai DJs, VOID points its tractor beam back towards the Motor City, its spiritual home afterall.

On 19th April DJ Bone will return to play VOID at The Shelter for the third time no less, though it's been nigh on five years since his last visit, having first come in 2008, then just a few months later in 2009.

Believe the hype:

"DJ Bone is back! Three decks, mad skills, and a whole lot of attitude straight out of Detroit... one of Motor City's finest purveyors of THE FUNK returns to show Shanghai how its done.

Whether he's slamming down on three turntables simultaneously, whipping one dancefloor after another into a tribal frenzy, or churning out pure Detroit Techno grooves on his highly respected SUBJECT DETROIT label, there's no doubt DJ BONE is quite simply a fantastic DJ.

Forget everything you thought the word DJ meant - let BONE show you what a DJ really is. A DISK JOCKEY - a master craftsman dropping seemlessly mixed and manipulated wax, leading the crowd on a roller coaster ride with spellbinding decksmanship and ultimate skill. A performance which is a pure pleasure to experience and to dance to.

On his last visit to Shanghai in 2009, DJ Bone absolutely and most definitely left no-one standing still, with one of the most energetic, funky and most-danced to sets ever witnessed at The Shelter.

In the words of the uncompromising and fiercely independent DJ himself: "If the gig is set-up with the music as the main focus (as it should be), then I have total control over the vibe. That's my duty. I'm not worried about having a Hollywood production going on or special effects with video images, smoke, etc. Just playing the best possible music as well as I can."

DJ Bone will be ably supported by China's original champions of the Detroit Techno sound - the VOID crew."

DJ Bone@V/O/I/D 6.12.08 by Tznm on Mixcloud

Date: Saturday April 19
Event Name: DJ Bone - The Detroit Techno 3-deck wizard@The Shelter
Line Up: DJ Bone (Subject Detroit) - Shanghai Ultra, Wensen, Ginzburg, Chris Jobs (VOID)
Entrance: 50rmb