JUE | Music Presents: Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer

Sight/Unseen is a multimedia performance work presented by Lee Ranaldo – one of the founding members of Sonic Youth – and his wife Leah Singer. It will be a multi-sensual experience featuring quirky sounds, imagery and ambience. Explore the profundity of every moment.

Shanghai // 7:00 PM, March 14th // The Power Station of Art
Tickets: 120 RMB (presale) 150 RMB (door)
Beijing // 9:00 PM, March 15th // Inter Gallery
Tickets: 120 RMB (presale) 150 RMB (door)

Due to a programming conflict, we will offer a special ticket for those people that want to go to the Lee Ranaldo show and the proceeding Genjing showcase. The ticket will be 170RMB, and will include a free bus between venues. The bus will leave the SPSA at 20:50, arriving at YYT at around 21:15.

WISS Community Event with Jo Di Bona Live Graffiti

Jo Di Bona is a well-respected Pop-graffiti artist. He spoke with Time Out of his thoughts on government-sactioned areas like Moganshan Lu in Shanghai, where budding artists can cut their teeth without the fear of being pinched:
It is an opening of the art, of the mind, and it’s really great for younger generations. You know, when I started I did not have this opportunity, and I had to run with the police behind me all the time.
Check out more details on the JUE website.

Shanghai // 3-6:00 PM, March 13th // Minsheng Art Museum
Tickets: FREE

Time for the film buffs to shine. Last week we brought you sub-bass; this week we’ve got sub-cultures and sub-genres in the form of acclaimed feature films, documentaries and shorts. This is real meaningful stuff – leave the 3D glasses at home and keep the munching to a minimum or you might miss something.

Asian Cinema Week Opening Event: Yangon Calling – Punk in Myanmar

A couple of foreigners checking in to sketchy neighbourhoods in search of Myanmar’s underground punk scene – sounds like madness, but it happened. At first it seemed that local bands like Side Effect and CultureShock were overjoyed to be filmed. But as the documentarians tagged along to a concert, the musicians grew dangerously outspoken on the issues they faced at home. Read the feature on The Beijinger for more.

Check out the full billing online.

Beijing // 7:30 PM, March 11th // Sky Bridge, Dangdai MOMA
Tickets: 50 RMB (presale) 60 RMB (door) https://yoopay.cn/event/YangonCallingbeijing
Shanghai // 7:30 PM, March 12th // Minsheng Art Museum
Tickets: 50 RMB (presale) 60 RMB (door)https://yoopay.cn/event/YangonCallingshanghai

Asian Cinema Week: China Heavyweight (Golden Horse Award)

This screening will feature a Q&A with producer Han Yi 韩轶! Find out more on what it takes to make it to the top in China.
Youtube Trailer

Beijing // 8:00 PM, March 15th // MOMA Broadway Film Center
Tickets: 60 RMB (door) NO PRESALES
Shanghai // 8:00 PM, March 21st // New Hengshan Cinema
Tickets: 80 RMB (PRESALES ONLY –no tickets available at the door)https://yoopay.cn/event/ChinaHeavyweight