SUPER FLU is definitely an UFO in the world of electronic. Together with their friend Andhim and other artists from their Label MONABERRY, they simply have created a new kind of electronic music where the deep and crispy baked bass drum give the key note. Their use of analog vintage synth, live instruments, vocals, strange bells and percussion and a good sense of improvisation give a very distinctive touch to their music and make it recognizable among thousands.

For the last decades, they have been one of the top acts on the electronic club scene and festival around the world and never grow tired of reinventing themselves and always trying new things. In october 2013, they did it again and released and amazing and completely unexpected new album "HALLE SAALE".

Trust MIXMAG when they says about them: "The playful Germans make dance pop that'll make you dance around your bedroom in the buff, or some other ecstatic activity" .

Date: 13/03/2014
Time: 10pm till 5am
Club: Lola club
Djs: Super Flu, Thoma Cher, charp
Price: 50 rmb

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