About time to! But if you’re not already clambering for tickets, we’ll do us a little more convincing for ya.

After recording four albums and three EPs under the name Post-Foetus, Wiesenfeld’s debut album as Baths, Cerulean, represents a new chapter in his musical life. His latest album Obsidian took things to the next level. A bout with E. coli (nasty little bacterium that one) was said to prompt his venture into the cavernous depths of the dark side of the human psyche. The show itself won’t just be a DJ set; it’s a live show (keys and guitar) so whether you’re there to dance or admire, you’ll have yourselves a memorable experience.

Event Information:
9PM., March 12th @ 390
Ticket: RMB80 (presale) / RMB100 (Door)

About JUE | Music + Art Festival:
觉 / JUE (pronounced joo-eh) –verb: to sense; to awaken. JUE | Music + Art is an annual urban festival that embraces the whole of Beijing and Shanghai. Celebrating its 6th year in 2014, JUE is all about showcasing the best of local creative communities in these two great cities, as well as inviting artists from around the world to share their talent with China. We’re all about community, doing everything we can to set an intimate vibe, and to carefully weave every one of our artists and events into a multidisciplinary masterpiece.