Dear Friends,

It’s been a long time! We hope you are still exploring new and interesting music, and still keeping curious about the future! We are glad to announce our incoming gigs in this and the next month.

First of all, we will play with local king of noise Pairs and Carsick Cars in Yu Yin Tang tonight. CSC just released their amazing new album and this would be the last show of Paris in Shanghai. So don’t forget to come the show. Next Friday, 14th of March, we will play with Alpine Decline, pop-stars’ worst nightmare from Los Angeles. We believe their lush and experimental sound is a blessing of this fucked up age. On 21st of March we will play with MHP in On Stage Shanghai, basically this will be a show about part of the electronica scene in Shanghai.

On 28th of March, Friday, we will play with Re-tros, Pet Conspiracy and One Sentence.Supervisor from Switzerland. This is also the first show of China Drifting Festival, organised by Miro-China( The same lineup will play on Saturday at Qian Shui Wan, which we believe is one of the few venues in Shanghai which could deliver superb live sounds. You can also find more information about China Drifting Festival and buy tickets for both of the shows for a very reasonable price here:

After 29th of March, following the invitation from Miro-China, we will head to Europe for a mini tour, including shows in Zurich, Aarau, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen. You can find the exact dates as following.

We will bring our most recent songs to all these shows, and we looking forward to see you there.

Peace and Best Regards,

upcoming shows
March 07 Shanghai, Yu Yin Tang w/ CSC, Pairs
March 14 Shanghai, Yu Yin Tang, w/ Alpine Decline
March 21 Shanghai, Onstage, w/ MHP
March 28 Beijing Yu Gong Yi Shan
March 29 Shanghai, Qian Shui Wan
April 02 Zurich, Club Zukunft
April 03 Aarau, KiFF
April 04 Zurich, Walchetrum
April 05 Zurich, Walchetrum
April 09 Paris, venue TBC
April 11 Berlin, Tresor Club
April 12 Copenhagen, Global Club


Han Han
from Duck Fight Goose