Want to photograph rock stars and divas in their natural environment? Here’s your chance. Now you can learn how to handle the challenges that come with photographing rock shows. Led by professional photographer and JUE veteran Thomas Rippe, there will be one session before the festival starts to learn how to photograph fast-moving singers in dimly lit, smoky bars. After the last show, there’ll be another 90-minute session to edit the photos. SLR cameras are not required but you will need a camera with manual controls for aperture and shutter speed.

Event Information:
7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., March 5th – 26th @ 2nd Floor
Workshop Price: 300 RMB (Includes two workshop sessions and entry to 2 shows. Show selection at festival organizers’ discretion)

About JUE | Music + Art Festival:
觉 / JUE (pronounced joo-eh) –verb: to sense; to awaken. JUE | Music + Art is an annual urban festival that embraces the whole of Beijing and Shanghai. Celebrating its 6th year in 2014, JUE is all about showcasing the best of local creative communities in these two great cities, as well as inviting artists from around the world to share their talent with China. We’re all about community, doing everything we can to set an intimate vibe, and to carefully weave every one of our artists and events into a multidisciplinary masterpiece.