2014 JUE | Music + Art Festival has curated a number of shorts that explore LGBT life through the Asian lens. This was achieved with help from notable gay filmmaker, writer and activist Fan Popo. Popo directs the China Queer Film Festival Tour, which has travelled to over 20 major cities in China since 2008. He has also participated in international exchanges in Taipei, Copenhagen and Los Angeles amongst other places.
Here’s the bill:
Film Title: I’m Here
Duration: 43mins
Director: Choi Ian Sin (徐欣羡)
Language: Cantonese (EN / CN Subtitles)
Some people may think that coming out of the closet is the main obstacle for homosexuals but the truth is that there are various circumstances that come up in daily life which need to be negotiated.  This is especially so for those who live in small towns. Due to the lack of information about homosexuals, they are often interpreted as being heterogeneous; only after exploring sexuality in the context of the wider world can their decisions and needs be fully understood.
Film Title: Some Sort of Loneliness
Duration: 14mins
Director: Jenny Man Wu (吴漫)
Language: Chinese (EN / CN Subtitles)
Yu and Jun were in love for years, but another man interfered in their relationship. Whether it was out of love or simply curiosity, one night Jun followed Yu to a bar, where he encountered this other man. One night of stalking made the loneliness of these men became one sort of love.

Film Title: The Taste
Duration: 11mins
Director: Zhu Cheng (朱程)
Language: Mandarin (EN / CN Subtitles)
A man with an uncommon habit falls in love, but he mustn’t let his lover find out his dark secret. Once revealed, he would probably lose his love. In this dilemma, what choice will he make?

Film Title: Red Lights
Duration: 12mins
Director: Doris Yeung
Language: Dutch and English (EN/CN Subtitles)
A young Dutch boy goes on a boy’s night out with his friends in Amsterdam for a night of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But an unexpected encounter with a sex worker shows him something he could have never imagined…

Film Title: Ten Years From Now
Duration: 15mins
Director: Jordan Schiele
Language: Chinese (EN Subtitles)
Two lifelong friends jeopardize their relationship when one insists they sleep with each other.

Film Title: I Don’t Care
Duration: 43mins
Director: Huang Chiung-Wei

Event Information:
March 22nd, 8pm @Flamingo 4F, No. 343 Jiaozhou Lu
Tickets: 50 RMB – includes a free drink

About JUE | Music + Art Festival:
觉 / JUE (pronounced joo-eh) –verb: to sense; to awaken. JUE | Music + Art is an annual urban festival that embraces the whole of Beijing and Shanghai. Celebrating its 6th year in 2014, JUE is all about showcasing the best of local creative communities in these two great cities, as well as inviting artists from around the world to share their talent with China. We’re all about community, doing everything we can to set an intimate vibe, and to carefully weave every one of our artists and events into a multidisciplinary masterpiece.