Well looky here! It seems we’ve got some big names heading to our fair city!

The mighty Bruno Mars, the lovely Taylor Swift and… wait for it… The legendary LIONEL RICHIE (I know right?!) are all heading East in the next few months!

Yes Jonah. This is for realsies.

Let’s start with Bruno Mars. He took the world by storm in 2010 with his international hit single ‘Just The Way You Are’. Other hits include Marry You, Grenade, The Lazy Song and Young Girls. He’s renowned for his amazing live shows and is going to blow our minds at the Mercedes Benz Arena this April.

Fun fact about Bruno Mars – he’s 5”5.

I know Jonah. We're all excited.

Taylor Swift is one talented lass. She’s been writing songs and performing since she was in her early teens, she’s won roughly a billion awards, and she recently made sweet, sweet music with Ed Sheeran. She’s also awesome at playing instruments.

You can catch Taylor in May at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Be excited! Be excited like Jonah!

Yes Jonah. This is REALLY happening.

Fun fact about Taylor Swift – she’s 5 inches taller than Bruno Mars AND she used to date Jake Gyllenhaal.

And now it’s time for the big guns. Ladies and gents, where to start? Lionel frickin’ Richie! I have nothing but ENDLESS LOVE for this dude. In fact, when I hear his music I just feel like dancing… ON THE CEILING! BOOOOM! Erm… is this thing on… HELLO?

Mr Richie will be in Shanghai in early April, performing at the Mercedes Benz Arena.

For the love of GOD Jonah! Be cool!

We’ll keep you updated on tickets and all that jazz!