One of the (two) best bands to come out of Shanghai (full stop) AM444 are back in business, set to return to Shanghai for two gigs on 7th & 9th March! ChaCha and Jay.Soul will be hitting the the road, joining the dots between their far flung bases with gigs across China, Russia, France and the Netherlands with 13 dates so far and more TBC.

The first of their Shanghai gigs will take place at the QSW Cultural Center (way up north, but well worth the journey for the amazing sound they achieve) with French pop rock maverick Matthieu Chedid, better known under his artist name -M-.

They first hooked-up after -M- was "seduced and inspired at once by the voice and universe of ChaCha and the soul colors of Jay Soul". Even though they had never met, he felt he had something in common with ChaCha and spent weeks digging into all her past songs. Though –M- and ChaCha might not belong to the same world, -M- coming from the world of pop and ChaCha preferring the shadows of underground clubs, mostly working with dubstep and bass music artists, they decided to collaborate and the result was a remix version of "Shen Jing Mo Shao", a tune from AM444’s first album “Eye Wonder”. Re-titled “Détache toi” in French (“Break away”).

The tune perfectly blends ChaCha and Matthieu's voices and adds the chemistry of elaborate guitar chords to Jay Soul’s production.

Give it a listen:

And here's the original version:


All this has understandably caused something of a stir over en La France as well; for you francophones out there, here's a piece on ChaCha in the Le Figaro newspaper:

Cha Cha in Le Figaro

Photo credit goes to Benoit Florencon @