Running Blue's Liang Huanggui and shy guy Yin Hao

Running Blue have kept a relatively low profile this year, having played a few notable support slots but otherwise staying away from the radar it seems. The guitar and electronics two-piece have an impressive, trip-hoppy sound and haunting vocals, well worth checking out if you’re a fan of acts like if you’re fans of act like Portishead or AM444. Shy and retiring synth player Yin Hao has the distinction of being part of Junkyard, an experimental collective that formed in 2001, whose other members include techno master MHP, Junky (who is now fronting the aggressive noise act Torturing Nurse), electronic artist B6 and Misuzu, who has now turned his hand to surf rock in the Psyders. The way things turn out, eh?

They’re appearing this Saturdayat the third edition of Electron Flow, On Stage’s electro-jazz mashup night, alongside Alec Haavik and the Acid Pony Club.

闷 (Men) - Running Blue

Who are the band members and what’s your story? How did the band start and what have been some of your most memorable moments in the band?

Running Blue has two members are Yin Hao and Liang Huang Gui, but we have a drummer for the live [shows]. I and Liang Huang Gui know each other for a long time, Since 2008 we started cooperation. About memorable moments, I don't know, maybe next live.

Yin Hao, can you tell us a bit about the early days in Junkyard back in 2001? How was the Shanghai music scene different?

In 2000, Junky and I wanted to make some different noise, like Keiji Haino\Ruins\Boredoms or John Zorn. and we did it good and fun, hungry and thirsty for the music and noise. now I do music more calmer.

Are you big fans of the Doors? Is this where the name came from?

Yeah! The Doors, Jim Morrison, you know, 60's always charming.

How has your musical style developed? What are your main influences and inspirations?

In the 2002, I Started to contact with electronic music, and used computers to make music. 80's synth pop , Berlin sound influenced me. Big Black, Sonic Youth, Primus.. are Liang Huang Gui's favorite.

Harmonious - Running Blue

What are the band’s plans for 2014?

We hope we will do some best visual works for the live. And maybe Release our EP.

You’ve had a lot of good shows this year, supporting bands like Kite and the Mary Onettes, what have been some of your favourite shows of the year?

Yes, we met a lot of foreign bands, Kite was impressive. Two cool guys and very beautiful synth sound, I like it.

What do you guys do outside the band?

Photography, watching old movies(60's new wave), Liang Huang Gui likes drawing, I play video games,haha .

What setup do you use live?

Liang Huang Gui is vocal and guitar player, I use APC40 for the live, some different sets and change sound effects. Sometimes we have a drummer to enrich our live.

Where and when did you record All of Us Can See? Do you perform the tracks very differently from how they are recorded?

Almost we did a lot of music works,like record\arrangements\mix. In 2010, we Published a small scale the "All of Us Can See", we did all things, Liang Huang Gui design and draw the cove, find factory make CD, very Interesting experiences. You know, just DIY.

What other bands are you fans of here in Shanghai and China as a whole?

Top Floor Circus. they are truly only one punk band in Shanghai and China.