We're nearly ready to kick 2013's arse into the trashcan of time, and trade the year in for a younger, sexier model. Why hello there 2014, you're looking fruity.

But don't worry 2013, always have the memories. Or at least some of them. We emailed round a few people to see what they could piece together. To start off, here's the insight of Laura Ingalls and Nate Sidoti.
death to ponies review of the year

Laura Ingalls

No-one was more modest and self-deprecating than producer/drone overlord/DJ/Acid Pony Laura Ingalls. I guess he's put out one or two tracks this year, but otherwise seems to have had a pretty quiet time of it. (LOL JK, he's done a ton of stuff.)

Best Releases

I released all the best music coming out of Shanghai this year, it's pathetic how you guys out there are still trying while everything that I make is just so superior, my beat tape was the best electronic shit ever, my disco edits are the most danceable and playable disco stuff out there, my drone album was so good that people have been reported to commit suicide to it and my rock band Death To Ponies makes everyone else in Shanghai sound like an ugly joke. I just burped, it sounded better than your album.

Best Gigs

I played all the best gigs this year again, it's not so hard, every time you see me on the decks. or on the keyboards or on the fucking mandolin you know the party is gonna rock and you will bring home the hottest one date ever, just because my shit makes you feel sexy on the inside. i'm what's up, you all suck, that's it, i said it, boom, it's out there.

Memorable and defining moments of 2013, highlights of the year

Everytime i open my eyes in the morning it's completely memorable, it's history book sort of shit, the simple fact that i grace you with my presence should make it an absolute highlight, not only of this year, but for eternity. Like that time when i came down to your shitty DJ gig at Lune or whatever and all of a sudden by my simple being there it was miraculous, people still talk about it, highlight right there. I'm a walking defining moment, people have their little moment and i just define them, I'm basically your puppet master. snap.

####Favorite Newcomers

It's cute that some young ones are trying to beat me in this game, i have no favourite, they all suck, they're in for a world of pain, their music is like a drop and i'm the ocean, to all the people who wanna start some shit here's my message, give up now, while you still can, because down the road it's only embarrassment and shame that awaits you, quit, now, or prepare to feel my wrath.

Predictions for 2014

I predict that 2014 will be dominated by me, everybody else will hang themselves and I will finally be able to live to my full capacity, alone, sitting on a mountain of dead flesh, playing black metal to myself while laughing at your complete failure. That's my prediction, you're all doomed, give your soul to the god of darkness now.

Nate Sidoti

This year, Nate has been a busy dude, bringing Bob Log III to China for an insane show that has cropped up in many people's top shows of the year. Together with Xiao Zhong he organized
Best releases (Albums, tracks, EPs)

Best Album

Reykyavictim release this year was awesome, not only for its content and music, but the guy did the whole thing in his lounge room, all by himself and it sounds better than most studio releases that you get in Shanghai. It is a great album.

Best Track

Hu Jia Ju Wei, it wasn't released it was just a live track, and I only know it as "the one you dedicate to me"

Best EP

16 Mins. It is just amazing, I love it, except it doesn't reflect their live sound.

Best gigs

I will be a bit biased on this one, as they are a few gigs I was involved with. But not because I did them, but I think it shows what can be done if a little effort is made on the set up etc.

Bob Log III; As you will never see any other performer get such a crazy crowd reaction by simply throwing his fist in the air. And there was such a huge fun crowd at YYT that night and everyone loved it.

Lenz and RST; At Logo, again as there was a lot of effort in making this show happen, and the line up was really well varied, but at the same time all working together, and it was the first time I got to see the mind blowing 16 Mins.

Rat On Swamp Dog; Firstly for the line up, 5 international, 1 Beijing and 6 local acts, all for 50rmb each night. We busted our arse to make it work and I think it reflected in the nights as everyone had such a good time

Thee Oh Sees; At 390, they had that place rocking and its the best crowd I have seen at 390.
Memorable and defining moments of 2013, highlights of the year

I think it would again have to be Rat On Swamp Dog for me, and Pete you know why. It kicked Shanghai in the butt a little.

Favorite newcomers

16 Mins, enough said. They are just so amazing.

Predictions for 2014

Who can predict anything in this country, but watch out for a seriously big and exciting show in June. It is going to be like nothing before.....